KCNA Commentary: Who is Threatening Regional Peace and Security?

The Korean Central News Agency released a commentary under the title “Who is threatening the regional peace and security?”.

The commentary reads:

Some time ago the Japanese Prime Minister Suga slandered our test-firing of new-type tactical guided missiles as a “threat to Japan” and a “violation of the resolutions of the UN Security Council”.

It is an open negation and gross violation of our right of self-defence, which can never be overlooked.

Our measures to strengthen the defence capability are a legitimate exercise of the right of self-defence to firmly defend the security and peaceful environment of the Korean peninsula by containing the fundamental military threats of the outsiders. So nobody can slander them.

But why is Japan so persistently taking issue with the normal activities of our state to constantly consolidate the defence capability of the country?

It is because those who committed crimes against us try to stagnate the great increase of our might by creating an international atmosphere of pressure on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and create a favourable situation in their moves to become a military power by increasing the security crisis.

Now Japan attempts to revive even the right to possession of the army as well as the right of belligerency and participation in a war it cannot have as a war criminal state. It has already adopted a law on security making it possible to exercise the right of collective self-defence and is putting spurs to possessing the ability for military attack.

Spending military expenditure largest in history every year, Japan resorts to development and purchase of new war equipment, formation of new units for space operation and electronic warfare, overseas dispatch of troops and military drills.

The international community is greatly astonished by the fact that the criminal state which had provoked a war of aggression is now growing into a world’s military entity again today.

Japan is one of the masterminds seriously threatening the regional peace and security.

Before taking issue with others, the war criminal state Japan must completely, verifiably and irreversibly dismantle all the offensive weapons it has already deployed for real war or are under development to realize its ambition for reinvasion.

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