Concern for the Persimmon Tree Company

The Persimmon Tree Company is an ordinary woman coast artillery company. But it has been well known to the Korean people.

The great leader Kim Jong Il visited the Persimmon Tree Company several times in his lifetime.

The company has many stories about him who visited it in the season when persimmons were ripening and on a cold day with strong chilly wind.

One February day in Juche 84 (1995) the sea wind was very strong. To make matters worse, great streaks of haily rain fell here and there, covering the ground with ice and making it difficult to see ahead.

On such day Kim Jong Il called at the Persimmon Tree Company.

Saying he had come to see the coast artillerywomen, he appreciated their simple performance. In the dining room he paid attention to their diet. He also felt the scent of the cream used by the servicewomen. The servicewomen were reluctant to part with him and he made a promise that he would come again in autumn when the persimmons got ripe.

Keeping the promise, Kim Jong Il visited the company again in November Juche 86 (1997).

He affectionately called it Persimmon Tree Company and posed for a photo together with the servicewomen, saying he becomes familiar with the company and gets deep impressions from it.

Afterwards, too, his concern about the servicewomen of the company was special.

The stories about the Persimmon Tree Company are told to the people as legends.

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