Sand Pictures Win More Popularity in Harmony With Music

It has been ten years since artists of the Mansudae Art Studio staged music and sand picture.

The music and sand picture, which has won popularity in art performances and celebration events, still evokes curious feelings and fascination as at the time when it made its debut. This is never undeserved praise.

The audience say, “At first, I could not understand what he was drawing, but the artist’s one touch of hand completed an excellent picture. It was really a smart skill of drawing”, “The picture which filled a large board suddenly turned into a different one, as if by magic” and “Figures and objects are so lifelike that I want to keep it and see it later. Its lingering effect is so strong as I enjoyed it along with music”.

However, the artists attribute their success to the reflection of people’s thoughts and feelings and their life, rather than to their skills.

Kang Un Ju, head of the sand picture production room, said that they found the seed of work in the subject matter containing the people’s true life which is rich in national sentiment.

Each work, which was composed of pictures showing the people’s happy life to the tune of songs favoured by them, has developed into famous work after its production.

People still talk about the music and sand pictures, ranging from their first creation “The yearning for the great General”, “My wife” and “They’ll tell about the soldier’s love” to “The tale of Chun Hyang” and to “Merry Sunday” which won widespread popularity in October last year.

The artists make painstaking efforts to improve the representation of sand picture.

They sketch hundreds of times to draw out the character of one object and pursue new elements of artistic depiction to improve the quality and speed of representation. Sometimes, they introduce such unique techniques as single stroke technique and one stroke of the brush to perfect sand picture.

In order to improve their practical training skills and the qualification of stage artistes, they make steady efforts to practise vocal music and flexibility.

The production team brings out perfect collective work by combining the unique character of each artist, and sand picture completed by two or four persons makes the audience feel the mystery and fascination of music and sand picture.

“The key to success is new work and new depiction,” said Kang Un Ju.

“We are redoubling out efforts to represent works of more significant diverse themes with the help of music and sand picture favoured by people.” 

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