Heroic Youth Grow Up Under His Care

By Labour Hero Ri Kum Chol (pictured), Director of the August 28 Youth Shock Brigade Management Bureau

“It seems as if it were yesterday when I started my career as an official of the youth league full of youth and passion. Now I am in my 50s. But I am still working together with young people as an officer of the youth shock brigade in the spirit and vigor of youth.

Whenever thinking of the grand monumental creations named after youth, I remember, first of all, what happened when we were building the Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station.

On September 13, Juche 104 (2015), the respected Kim Jong Un called at the construction site of the Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station nearing completion.

It was like a dream.

He had come to the spot a few months before. But when we saw him nearby again, I could not repress my surging excitement.

Shaking hands with each of the leading personnel of our shock brigade who were beside themselves with joy, he warmly said our young people created the world-startling myth of heroic youth and all of them are heroes.

The moment, tears gushed out of my eyes.

But for his love and trust, it would have been impossible for us to work such a miracle.

Accompanying him to look round the construction site, I could more warmly feel how much he trusts and loves our young people.

At that time we were building an education room in order to tell forever the immortal exploits of the great leader Kim Jong Il and the respected Kim Jong Un associated with the construction site of the power station.

After going round the education room under construction, Kim Jong Un said the feats performed by the young people in the construction of the Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station are a precious treasure to be proudly recorded in the history of the Workers’ Party of Korea and told forever and named it the Exhibition House for Feats of the Paektusan Hero Youth.

And then he saw the high dam of Unit 1 of the power station from different places and warmly said: Wonderful. Really magnificent. It’s handsome. Looking up at it, it seems to be the sky-high spirit of our young people. In the distance it looks like a huge army of youth as fortress and shield defending the Party Central Committee.

As the dam was built by our young people with their idea and spirit, its height can never be measured with measuring unit. The height of the dam of Unit 1 of the Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station is that of patriotism of our young people.

Kim Jong Un highly praised the feats of our young shock-brigaders as those performed for the times and history.

But for the great love and trust, we would not have wrought such world-startling miracles and the life of our youth would not have been crowned with honour.

I was born into an ordinary serviceman’s family, graduated from a university thanks to the favour of the Party, grew to be an official of the youth league and was awarded the title of Labour Hero, the highest honour of citizen.

The absolute trust and fervent love of Kim Jong Un were the root of miracle and the source of the infinite spiritual strength that enabled our young people to create the myth of heroic youth.

Our young people will further glorify their priceless honour as the heroic youth in carrying out the tasks of the Eighth Party Congress under the leadership of Kim Jong Un.”

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