Production of Livestock With Low Cost

The cosy and clean Thaechon Youth Rabbit-Breeding Farm stands at the foot of a mountain about eight kilometres away from the county town.

“Our farm was inspected by Chairman Kim Jong Il,” said manager Choe Jong Sun.

During his visit to the farm in July 2008, the Chairman said that rabbits should be bred on a large scale since it is easy to raise and has economic efficiency and, to this end, seed rabbits should be produced in large numbers, and spoke highly of the achievements made by the farm.

The farm’s business mode enables them to increase livestock production with less costs.

“One of the secrets is the effective use of mountains,” said the senior engineer.

The farm nestles in a place surrounded by mountains on three sides. The mountains are over a hundred hectares in area and the valleys are deep. They were naked over 20 years ago.

Employees planted mixed forests using acacia, chestnut, pine-nut, bush clover, bristle-tooth oak and hazel, and then created fodder fields and a herb garden with nutritious grass and medicinal plants including arrowroot, orchard grass, alfalfa and windflower.

“We secure dozens of tons of powder grass by cutting hundreds of tons of tree leaves and fresh grasses growing between May and June every year and drying and pulverizing them. The powder grass includes different kinds of nutritious substances with high digestion and absorptivity and it does not change even if it is kept for a long time,” said the manager.

The powder grass is mixed with cultivated fodder at the certain rate before reprocessing to feed it in the rainy season and the period between winter and next early spring.

As the feed with high nutritive substance content is fed all the year round by properly combining fresh and dried grass according to seasons, the proportion of grain feed has been halved as compared to before.

The farm works hard to prevent diseases by developing and producing traditional veterinary medicines with lots of herbs growing in mountains every year.

At present, the farm breeds tens of thousands of healthy young rabbits every year and sends good strains of breed rabbits to cities and counties in the province.

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