Harmonious Neighborhood

Neighborhood Unit No. 12 of Jungdok-dong in Phyongsong, South Phyongan Province, consists of dozens of families, and is known as a harmonious unit.

“As the saying goes, ‘A good neighbor is better than a brother far off.’ The residents in our neighborhood unit live like members of one family,” said Kim Chun Won.

They regard it as a matter of course to help and lead one another forward without discrimination between one’s own and others’ work, she added.

Among the stories produced at the unit are those about a daughter-in-law who takes good care of her parents-in-law, a couple who pays special attention to the education of children and a tender-hearted family that is always willing to help neighbors.

Members of the neighborhood are so close to each other that they share joy and sorrow, helping each other. Housewives especially promote harmony among neighbors as they share special food with each other.

Once when a resident was laid up with a sudden illness, neighbors went to his hospital to take warm care of him. The doctor in charge who had thought they were his relatives was deeply impressed after being aware that they were all neighbors.

When a young couple gave birth to a baby, neighbors gave them new clothes for the child, and they also congratulated elderly persons on their birthdays and young people on their marriage.

As everyone cares for others, the neighbors get more united and their harmony is displayed in voluntarily carrying out the work of the neighborhood unit including the keeping of their village and surroundings clean and tidy and doing of good things for the country. The unit is now known as exemplary in their administrative district of dong.

In the present spring clean-up month, heads of all the households are throwing themselves to completely removing the traces of winter using morning exercise time.

“When shared, joy is doubled and sorrow halved, as people have said from olden times. Since all members of our neighborhood unit live harmoniously helping one another, the happy event of each household gets more joyous and worry melts,” said Sin Hwa Suk, head of the neighbourhood unit.

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