State Benefits On The Increase

A doctor from the Puksong Polyclinic, Phyongchon District, Pyongyang, does a regular checkup in a household in her charge.

The Korean people have enjoyed lots of social benefits from the state since the true people’s government was established in their country over 70 years ago.

There are many state benefits related to food, clothing and housing. Especially, thanks to housing benefit, they are provided with houses gratis.

As the universal free compulsory education system was enforced in 1959, young people learn to their heart’s content without paying a penny and university students study as they receive scholarship from the state.

And the online education system enables working people to get university education for free while working.

According to the ordinance of the Supreme People’s Assembly of the DPRK which was promulgated in 2012, free 12-year compulsory education is legally guaranteed for all children and other young people aged from 5 to 17.

The state takes full charge of education for all children throughout the country as it provides them school things.

All the people enjoy the benefit of universal free medical care.

Any patient can go to hospital to undergo treatment for free and have preventive vaccination the moment they are born.

Under the well-organized district doctor system, doctors visit families in their charge for regular checkups and take thoroughgoing steps to prevent the influx and spread of epidemics.

According to Jo In Su, director of the Okryu Children’s Hospital, although medical facilities in the hospital are very expensive in the world, local people do not know how much each of them costs, how much foreign people pay for a checkup with such a facility in their countries and how great the benefits of free medical service the Koreans enjoy are.

In addition, all working people in the country get the benefits of treatment and health promotion through such systems as of social security, social insurance, recuperation and relaxation, and maternity leave.

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