People’s Homes

An educator’s family enjoy the nocturnal view of Pyongyang from the balcony of their flat on Ryomyong Street provided for them by the state gratis.

As every bird needs a nest, every person needs a home to lead a normal life.

A lot of houses and streets were built in all parts of the DPRK from the period of postwar reconstruction when the Pyongyang speed was created to the period between the 1970s and 1980s when the “golden age of Pyongyang” was ushered in. Among them are Pulgun, Chollima, Changgwang and Kwangbok streets in Pyongyang.

The modern dwelling houses were given to common working people free of charge.

In the new millennium, common educators and scientists moved into new homes on Unha Scientists Street, Wisong Scientists Dwelling District, Mirae Scientists Street and Ryomyong Street which were newly built in and around the capital city.

In 2016 when natural disasters hit the North Hamgyong provincial area and last year when floods and typhoons seriously damaged several areas at the same time leaving many people homeless, the Workers’ Party of Korea regarded the reconstruction of their houses as the most urgent matter and saw to it that miracles of construction were performed in the disaster relief efforts.

As they received new houses which were built more splendidly in their home towns and villages where the traces of calamity were completely removed within a few dozen days, the disaster victims could hardly repress their mounting excitement.

“We have to pay for the use of our flat every month but it is so trivial that my husband doesn’t ever bother with it and my children even don’t know what it is,” said Kim Pok Sil living in Mirae Scientists Street.

Ri Ok Gum, a resident of Ryomyong Street, said that foreigners who visited her flat said such a flat might cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in their country and the Korean people are the happiest in the world as they are free from rents.

Most Koreans do not even think about how much money people have to earn to pay the rent for their houses in other countries. This is just one segment of the reality in the DPRK society where they do not even know the word “rent”.

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