Kim Yo Jong, Deputy Department Director of CC, WPK Gives Statement to Media

Kim Yo Jong, Deputy Director of the Information and Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, gave a statement to media on the 30th.

The statement said:

I cannot but be astonished at the sundry sayings from the south across the demarcation line.

It is all the more so when the south Korean ruler himself told to the people something about us before the microphone.

The memorial address he made at what they called “memorial ceremony for the day of defense of the West Sea” on the 26th astonished our people once again.

That day, concerning our recent test launch of newly-developed tactical guided missile, he said.

“…I know well that all the people are deeply worried about the recent missile launch of the north. Now is the time that the south, north and the United States must make efforts to continue dialogue. It is not desirable to do anything unfavorable for the atmosphere of dialogue. …”

He meant that our step for strengthening the defense capability, an issue belonging to a legitimate sovereign state, caused concern of the south Korean compatriots and created an obstacle to the efforts for the dialogue.

It is an extreme of brazen-facedness.

We still remember what he said during his visit to the Defense Science Institute on July 23, 2020.

“…I was deeply moved at the sight of imposing appearance of giant missile and correct hitting of a target in the sea. …
…I am confident at the latest strategic weapons with the world highest-level correctness and tremendous destructive power. …
…We have now developed ballistic missile with enough range to defend peace of the Korean peninsula and big warhead on the highest level of the world.”

It is a speech sharply contrasted with the memorial address some days ago.

Concerning the test launch of ballistic missiles made at the defense science institutes of the north and the south, he said their test is for peace of the Korean peninsula and dialogue, whereas ours is undesirable thing that caused concern of the south Korean compatriots and created an obstacle to an atmosphere of dialogue. I cannot but express astonishment at the shamelessness of his argument.

It is bereft of elementary logic and honor.

Such illogical and brazen-faced acts are little different from the gangster-like argument of the United States slandering our right to self-defense as a violation of UN “resolutions” and “threat” to the international community.

Once he is praised as parrot of the United States, there might be no need to feel displeasure.

It is a self-contradiction or a suicidal act, I am afraid.

He had better ponder over how the world thinks of himself.

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