Gratitude Expressed to the War Veterans

The Sixth National Conference of War Veterans took place in the capital city Pyongyang in July Juche 109 (2020) on the occasion of the 67th anniversary of the victory in the great Fatherland Liberation War.

The respected Kim Jong Un attended the conference and paid noble respects to the war veterans who rendered immortal services in the history of war victory of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea before making a congratulatory speech.

He warmly congratulated the meritorious persons who won victory in the war and said: We cannot think of our country today apart from the sweat and blood shed by the generation of the victors in the war, the great spirit they demonstrated and the ennobling sacrifice of the warriors.

Kim Jong Un paid noble respects to the war veterans, praising them as excellent revolutionaries and patriots and invaluable treasures of our revolution who have faithfully supported the Party and the leader. His speech touched the heartstrings of all people.

That day, he greeted them time and again with deep bow.

Upon his congratulatory speech and noble respects, the people across the country as well as the war veterans shed warm tears.

War veteran Ri Yong Son says:

“When the respected Kim Jong Un made bows to our war veterans, we were greatly moved and shed tears. As he said the Party is proud of the heroic lives of war veterans, we shed tears of emotion. He wished us to lead a long life in good health. We always think of how to repay his favour.”

Thanks to the noble moral obligation of Kim Jong Un, today, the war veterans are deeply respected and are glorifying their lives, and their lofty revolutionary spirit serves as the soul and motto of life of the young people.

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