Playing Doctors

Children like to play doctors.

They spend time asking the “mum” with her baby doll what troubles her “baby”, checking up and giving a medicine to the patient.

This happened at the general playroom of the Kyongsang Kindergarten in the capital city Pyongyang on July 14, Juche 101 (2012).

While looking round different places of the kindergarten, the respected Kim Jong Un dropped in at the general playroom.

With a bright smile on his face, he was looking at the children intent on different plays and approached the children playing doctors.

The “little doctor” in white overalls was stethoscoping the baby doll in the arms of the “mum”.

Head of the kindergarten Ri Kang Juk says:

“Seeing the children play doctors affectionately, the respected Kim Jong Un seated himself before the ‘little doctor’ and asked her to take his pulse and blood pressure.

The child was pleased but fixed her eyes on him as she couldn’t understand the meaning of the pulse and blood pressure.

He kindly asked me what he can say to the children in such a case.

I told him that he can say; ‘I’ve come to see a doctor.’ Then he smiled and asked the ‘little doctor’; ‘I’ve come to see a doctor.’

Just then the child applied the stethoscope to him without hesitation and asked him like a doctor what troubles him.”

Kim Jong Un was so satisfied to see the pretty children playing at the wonderful kindergarten that he played doctors with the children unreservedly.

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