The Highest Place

The respected Kim Jong Un pays great attention to the development of space science of the country.

He proposed building the Satellite Control Centre of the National Aerospace Development Administration and chose its site in the best place. And he solved all problems arising in its construction ranging from the designing to the formation of construction force and the supply of materials.

As a result, the Satellite Control Centre with a total floor space of over 13,770 square metres was built in eight months.

On May 2, Juche 104 (2015) Kim Jong Un visited the newly-built Satellite Control Centre of the National Aerospace Development Administration.

Looking round different places of the centre including the Main Display Room showing the whole process of the satellite launch in real time through a big screen, he said with great pleasure that it had been built splendidly while meeting the scientific and technical requirements.

He also said: In order to manufacture, launch and control the working satellite properly it is necessary to put all the facilities on a highly scientific and modern basis. For the purpose, a greater number of ultramodern equipment should be provided and a centre for space environment test should be built to make a satellite test in the same environment as the space. A good icon should be set up to show intuitively that it is the satellite control facility.

Going round the Satellite Control Centre, Kim Jong Un said it had been built well and its style is new and peculiar. Saying so, he beamed all over his face all the time.

That day, he meaningfully said the elevation there is not high but the centre is located in the highest place in the world as it intensively shows the dignity of the Korean nation.

His words gave an unusual pride to the space scientists of Korea.

On February 7, Juche 105 (2016) they successfully launched the earth observation satellite “Kwangmyongsong-4”. Afterwards, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea launched a number of satellites in a short span of time, making a rapid progress from test satellite to earth observation satellite.

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