Metallurgical Base Seethes with Enthusiasm for Increased Production

The Hwanghae Iron and Steel Complex, a leading steel producer in the country, is making a big stride in carrying out the tasks advanced at the Eighth Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the 2nd Plenary Meeting of the 8th WPK Central Committee.

Fully aware of the importance of its duty, the complex organizes production scrupulously and gives precedence to science and technology to increase production in reliance upon the existing foundations.

Oxygen plant workshop No. 2 in charge of the initial process of iron production is managing and operating the large oxygen plant in a responsible manner to supply the furnace workshop with high-quality oxygen.

Workers of the furnace workshop set a rational amount of work in keeping with the features of raw materials and fuel in the melting process, and are operating furnaces as required by the technical regulations, helping one another between shifts to bring about collective innovations.

They are also waging a vigorous technical innovation movement for further improving the quality of molten iron and the operating rate of furnaces and boosting the quantity of molten iron per charge.

They improved the quality of pig iron by establishing a production line of desulfurizer in furnace, upgraded the dust-collecting system and markedly raised the operating rate of furnaces by introducing various technical innovation plans.

The steel workshop is also maximizing the operating rate of such equipment as UHP electric arc furnace, oxygen converter and continuous ingot moulder.

Its officials and workers invented and introduced a device of heating a tundish by pooling wisdom with the technicians of the complex.

The device proves effective in practice as it makes it possible to raise the temperature of tundish in a short span of time by burning hundreds of kilograms of dust coal, instead of using electricity, and ensure the quality of molten iron and boost its output.

The power and ferroalloy workshops and those in charge of supplying raw and other materials are rendering active services to increasing iron and steel production, making coordinated innovations.

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