Trying Out a Trolley Bus

New-type trolley buses have been running in streets of the capital city Pyongyang since some years ago.

Kim Hae Song, Manager of the Pyongyang Trolley Bus Factory, still remembers the day when the new-type trolley bus was taken on a trial run.

“We made a trial run of the new-type trolley bus in the presence of the respected Kim Jong Un late at night on February 4, 2018.

That day, he paid the greatest concern to the convenience and service for the people to use the trolley bus.

Producing the trolley bus, we had partitioned the driver’s cab and passenger quarters.

Looking at the bulkhead, Kim Jong Un warmly said: The bulkhead should be removed, which will make it possible for the passengers of the trolley bus and the driver to feel more friendly to each other and to ensure better conveniences for the people. Then, the driver can know better the mind and demand of the people using the trolley bus and give better service to the passengers according to them.

Looking at the handrail by the window, he also said that at such height it may give inconveniences to the people when they sat on the chair.

It was precious instructions full of love for the people to give the greatest conveniences to them.”

This is how the trolley bus was perfected.

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