Mother’s Pride

Choe Ok Ae who brought up her two sons as Heroes lives in Munsin-dong No. 1 in Tongdaewon District, Pyongyang.

Like all other mothers, she was strict to her children. Her attention to them increased after her husband who had been a designer at the Pyongyang Urban Planning Institute died of sudden illness.

However, she was hardly together with her children because she was on business trips almost all year round. When she was apart from them, they would be out of control, sometimes causing troubles to neighbours and not studying hard. All this made her always anxious about them during her business trip.

On a holiday, she took them out. While looking round the streets and structures of Pyongyang she and her husband had designed, she said to them: A saying goes that a tiger is remembered by its skin and a man by his name; although the names of your father and mother are not inscribed on the structures and streets, I feel pride of life whenever I see them contributing to the people’s happiness; it is because they are permeated with our sincere devotion; my only wish is that you study harder and become men for society and the collective like your father.

Her remarks left a deep impression on her sons.

She had often stayed awake deep into night, sometimes washing their school uniforms or preparing their school things and other times, but the following morning she would leave home for work with a smile on her face.

Bearing her love and devotion, Sa Song Il, her eldest son, became a university student and Sa Song Guk, her second son, became a soldier.

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