Kim Yo Jong, Deputy Department Director of CC, WPK, Gives Statement to Media

Kim Yo Jong, Deputy Department Director of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, gave a statement to media on the 15th under the title “It will be difficult to have such spring day as three years ago again”.

The statement said:

I heard the news that the south Korean authorities began to stage aggressive war exercises against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea on the 8th. Despite our just demand and the unanimous protest and denunciation of the entire fellow countrymen, they had grit enough to make a serious challenge as if they have confidence of bearing responsibility for the future consequences.

Our Party Central Committee has already made clear its stand that we may go back to the new starting point of peace and prosperity like the spring day three years ago according to the attitude of the south Korean authorities. Perhaps everybody knows that it referred to the hysterical frenzy of war exercises which are staged in south Korea in March and August every year and it was a meaningful warning that this may be the last opportunity of the inter-Korean relations.

The south Korean authorities who have become accustomed to word-mongering are hoping for our “flexible decision” and “understanding”, advertizing as they always do that the recent exercises have an “annual” and “defensive” character and they are a drill of command post by the formula of computer simulation which has largely “reduced” the scale and content without actual maneuverability. It is really mean, brazen-faced and silly trash.

We have so far opposed the joint military exercises themselves against the fellow countrymen, but never argued on their scale and form.

The morbidly-inveterate consciousness of confrontation with fellow countrymen and hostile acts of the south Korean authorities are incurable and we needn’t to discuss anything with such silly guys. This is the conclusion we make clearly once again.

War exercises and dialogue, hostility and cooperation can never exist together. In the present situation that the south Korean authorities are persistently resorting to their hostile acts negating dialogue and completely destroying the basis of confidence with their tenacious war gambles, we could not but place on the order of the day the issue on disorganizing the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country, an organization for dialogue with south Korea, which has no ground to exist any more.

And it is not necessary to make any cooperation or exchange with the south Korean authorities treating us like enemy in the future and so we are examining the issue on disbanding the organizations concerned including the Bureau for International Tourism of Mt. Kumgang. We have already reported such crucial measures to our supreme headquarters.

We will, in the future, watch the attitude and action of the south Korean authorities. We are also anticipating to take special measures of willingly abrogating even the north-south military agreement if they dare to come out more provocatively. Action carries result.

What is clear is that due to the recent serious challenge, the south Korean authorities at the end of their term of office will be terribly painful and uneasy in their future. As was made clear at the historic Eighth Party Congress of ours, they will receive as much as they have tried and paid.

Availing myself of this opportunity, I’d like to advise the new US Administration that wants to give off powder smell in Korea across the ocean. If they want to have a good sleep for coming four years, it would be good for them not to seek something to do unseemly that may not make them sleep properly.

Whatever the south Korean authorities may do at the dictation of their master in the future, it will be not so easy to have such warm spring day desired so much as three years ago again, the statement added.

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