Farm Produces Many Kinds of Nutritious Mushroom

The Jongbangsan Mushroom Farm in North Hwanghae Province produces diverse sorts of mushroom.

“In the past, we cultivated a few kinds of mushroom including Pleurotus ostreatus and Pleurotus eryngii. Nowadays, the demand for different sorts of nutritious mushrooms is growing higher. So we are concentrating main focus on increasing the varieties of mushroom,” said Mun Hye Sun, manageress of the farm.

The farm is attaching primary importance to ensuring substrates after establishing the scientific cultivation technology in order to produce various kinds of mushroom in an industrial way.

To this end, the farm uses the shuck of cottonseed from the province as substitution substrates, recycles waste substrates and studies and introduces a multifunctional nutrition stimulant.

According to the employees of the farm, the shuck of cottonseed contains rich nutritive element to reduce the consumption of rice bran by half and it helps save manpower and electricity needed for its pulverization as it does not use corncob.

The multifunctional nutritive stimulant also increases the yield per raw material as it is widely used from the production of spores to its cultivation.

The farm now turns out various microtherm and thermophic mushrooms including Flammulina velutipes and Pelurotus ostreatus with no spores.

Demand is high especially for the mushroom that takes the form of Lentinus edodes at the upper part and looks like Pleurotus eryngii at the lower part.

“This mushroom is reportedly good to eat as it tastes sweet to some extent and feels soft in the fibre. And it is suitable for close cultivation for its high yield and rooting rate and it is unaffected by carbon dioxide,” said Choe Yun Hyok, chief engineer of the farm.

Brown-coloured pholi mushroom is also favoured since it is good for the treatment of stomach disorder and has anti-cancer effects.

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