Sports Village Contributes to Country’s Developing Sports

There is a sports village on Chongchun Street in Mangyongdae District, Pyongyang.

“The sports village was built in 1988 in the picturesque place on the shore of the Taedong River covered with pine forests. Since then it has developed into a sports and cultural hub,” said Ri Hang Jun, director of the Sports Facilities Management Bureau.

The sports village was renovated in March 2014.

Hub of Sports and Cultural Activities

Sprawling in an area of over 1.54 million square meters, the sports village has a stadium and gymnasiums to host matches of over 40 events in more than 20 sports at the same time and is fully equipped with all service facilities including a dining hall and hostel for sportspeople.

The 26,000-seater Sosan Football Stadium with an impressive mark showing a football player kicking a ball hard can host all kinds of cultural events as well as football matches. Players can have training and matches in several water sports like swimming, diving, synchronized swimming and water polo and public service is provided at the Swimming Gymnasium with a total floor space of some 7,000 square meters at the entrance of the sports village.

The Basketball Gymnasium seats over 2,000 including a mobile stand with some 460 seats. Various kinds of ball games as well as basketball can be played in the gymnasium.

The Handball Gymnasium with a mark showing a player ready to run forward at the moment with a ball in hand which is seen on the facade, the table tennis, athletics, combat sports, physical training and other gymnasiums are all designed distinctively and their courts, viewing stands, service, welfare and other facilities have been provided at such a level as to host international events.

The 2019 Asian Junior and Youth Weightlifting Championships were held at the Weightlifting Gymnasium in 2019.

The Taekwon-Do Holy House and the Taekwon-Do Hall encourage the development and spread of the Korean martial art.

Hostel Dear to Sportspeople

There is a 15-storey hostel for sportspeople with a building area of 11,860 square meters in the sports village.

It reminds viewers of a winners’ podium.

At the centre of the facade is seen a mark representing a trophy and on the wall of the entrance hall is engraved with the five-ring Olympic emblem.

It is equipped with proper facilities for relieving players and coaches of mental and physical tiredness.

There is a morning training ground covered with artificial turf on one side of the park built in front of the hostel. The residents do their morning exercises here in the early morning, breathing in the fresh air coming from the pine forest behind the hostel.

Sports Goods Production Base

Built in 2016, the Pyongyang Sports Goods Factory basically satisfies the domestic demand for sports equipment.

It produces sports goods including balls, gloves, bags, sportswear and protective gears, some 150 varieties in 60 kinds in total.

It is noticeable that a strict quality management system has been established on the basis of homemade test sets.

“The ball sphericity measuring device, elasticity test set control panel, water absorptivity test set, ball shooter and other equipment have been applied to make the quality of products conform with international standards,” said Kim Thae Sop, chief engineer of the factory.

Dozens of patterns have been introduced into making footballs, in addition to those covered with different colours. Taesongsan-brand footballs, whose shape of sphere, elasticity, weight and other quality indices meet international standards and vary in colour and pattern, are popular with both sportspeople and fans.

In recent years the factory has developed various measuring devices which are helpful to the training of sportspeople, such as those for measuring waist strength, breathing capacity and velocity energy, and protective gears for Taekwon-Do players.

It is now stepping up the technical preparations for the production of boots for speed, figure and ice hockey skates and start of their production.

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