Die casting based on a mold made of metal is often used for serial production or mass production.

The Pyongyang Cast Iron Pipe Factory, which produces castings in the main, has made a parting compound badly necessary for die casting by itself and is using it in production.

The new parting compound makes it possible to easily part quality castings from mold. It was developed by Manager Kim Wang Jun who is called an inventor.

Always busy as he is with his work for the factory, he made a number of valuable inventions including the induction furnace-dust cleaner, underground water purifier and real-time electric power monitoring system.

Manager Kim Wang Jun says:

“Our first-year task of the five-year plan is to produce building parts necessary for the construction of 10,000 flats.
To this end, it is important to make a fettling machine.”

It is said that manufacturing the new automatic fettling equipment makes it possible to save a lot of manpower, greatly shorten the working time and thoroughly ensure the quality of products.

The factory is now manufacturing the equipment thanks to the novel idea of the manager and the collective wisdom of the technicians.

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