History Reveals the United States Has No Right to Argue About “Human Rights” Issues

By Ri Gwang Hui, Faculty of History, Kim Il Sung University

The great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung said as follows.

“Clamouring for the ‘defence of human rights’, the imperialists are attacking the socialist countries. This is as shameless and ridiculous an act as that of a thief crying ‘stop thief’.” (“KIM IL SUNG WORKS” Eng. Ed. Vol.32 p. 507)

Nowadays the US imperialists and other anti-Republic hostile forces including the South Korean authorities are making a fuss about “the reality of human rights” in DPRK.

The US imperialists are notorious for behaving as if they are human rights judges, making public “the report on human rights in the world” every year. However, it is really hard to find such an example of making a heinous move to set up an instrument of so-called “UN Office of Human Rights in north Korea”, putting “human rights issue” on an international basis as in case of our country.

They say as if they have intentions to improve the difficult position of our people, heartily worrying about their human rights.

The US imperialists and other anti-Republic hostile forces have not settled their thousands of human rights issues in their own countries which have been revealed and denounced by the world public. But they are keen on “the improvement in the reality of human rights” in our country. These moves are prompted by other despicable purpose.

The hostile forces are scheming to stifle our Republic by weakening the people’s trust for the Party and stirring the people’s mind, and through “the international cooperation”. This is because they have failed in their moves to collapse our Republic by force of arms.

The brief review of the American history stained with blood and the history of aggression by US imperialists against our country helps us to understand what they are going to present us behind their heinous moves “to improve the reality of human rights in our country”.

The United States is the country built on the tombs of native population slaughtered by the greedy Anglo-Saxons who invaded other countries.

They formed the United States by killing native people at random and plundering their native homes. It was the process of man slaughter and plunder.

The fact that they paid $150 and $50 for a piece of male head skin and female head skin respectively shows that massacre itself was a means of making money for Yankee ancestors at that time.

The main part of the American history contains the fact that they took thousands of hundreds of African people to their country through slave trade and became richer based on their blood and sweat.

A great number of coloured people now in the United States are the descendants from those who were taken to this country and suffered from slavery being treated like an animal.

After the formation of the United States, they conducted killing wars against the Indians with empty hands and naked fists, resorting to their regular army to occupy wider territory.

It is really difficult to find out how many punitive operations were waged by the American regular army against the Indian tribes with bare hands and how many soldiers were mobilized in these operations. However, it is registered in “the History of the American Army” published in the United States that the US army broke 114 wars and waged over 8 000 battles for over 100 years until early in the 20th Century since its formation, most of which were those against the Indian tribes.

In the 20th century, too, the United States continued to be the empire of evil which brought uncountable misfortunes and pains to thousands of hundreds of people in the world.

It is the United States that massacred thousands of hundreds of innocent people at a time through the first nuclear disaster against humankind at the end of World War 2. It is none other than the United States that have brought uncountable misfortunes and pains to the Arabic world, protecting and favouring Zionists in Israel.

The indiscriminate aggression against Iraq and Afghanistan under the disguise of “anti-terrorism” and “colour revolution” to turn over in a conspiring way those governments they don’t like reveals that the nature of the United States has become more vicious and tricky, remaining unchanged even in the 21st century.

The aggression of the United States against our country since the invasion of the warship “Sherman” and all the atrocious disasters caused by them are the injuries of grudge which cannot be buried in oblivion.

Inhuman atrocities committed by American missionaries who crept into Korea, advertising “charity and philanthropy show our people what the United States is like.

The atrocity against a Korean boy committed by an American missionary in the region of Sunan in 1925 was the extra-large case which brought about denunciation and wrath both in Korean and in the world.

C. A. Pasmer, American missionary was the head of “Sunan Hospital” set up by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. When he saw Kim Yong Sop, a Korean child aged 12, picking up a fallen apple in his orchard, he set his dog on him to bite. When the child fell to ground, he carved the word “thief” on his forehead with hydrochloric acid and kept him in the sun for more than one hour to dry his scar, resulting in burning his flesh before setting him free. Such a barbarity committed by him was beyond imagination as human being. This case was reported widely in a number of newspapers and magazines including “Korea Daily Newspaper” in spite of the fact that they were under the strict censorship of the Japanese imperialists.

Americans also killed a lot of Koreans cruelly in hospitals set up by themselves in many places in Korea, treating them like laboratory animals.

Americans committed all kinds of crimes after creeping into South Korea freed from the colonial rule of the Japanese imperialists. These crimes revealed the true identity of the US imperialists who behaved under the disguise of “liberator”.

On the first day when they set their feet in South Korea on September 8, 1945, they declared their military government as “the one and only government” in south Korea, disorganizing by force of arms people’s committees set up by the Korean people across south Korea.

They slaughtered thousands of hundreds of south Korean people barbarously, suppressing mass uprisings including the general strike against the colonial rule of the US imperialists in 1946, the people’s uprising in Jeju Island against the separate election ruinous to the country and the armed uprising of the14th regiment stationed in Ryosu against the suppression of the Jeju uprising.

They also committed assassination atrocities without hesitation against progressive personages including the assassination of Kim Gu in the daylight of June 1949 as he admired the DPRK.

The US aggressor army committed slaughter stained with blood anywhere in the northern part of the DPRK temporarily held by them in the name of “UN Army” during the great fatherland liberation war.

“You must not hesitate to kill even though those in front of you are either children or old people. Kill them. By doing so, you will save yourselves from death and together discharge your responsibility as a soldier of the UN Army”. This was the order given by Walker, the then commander of the 8th Corps of the US army. Allowed by such a formal slaughter order, the US imperialists and their stooges committed massacres against innocent people everywhere in the regions temporarily held by them including Sinchon county and Susan-ri. Such barbarous atrocities were definitely beyond imagination.

In Sinchon county, south Hwanghae Province, they killed 35 383 people equal to a quarter of the whole population in the county in various kinds of barbarous methods. To tell the truth, Sinchon massacre was the human slaughter unprecedented in the history of humankind. Therefore, it is natural that a great number of people, after their visit to Sinchon museum, could not hide their wrath against the barbarity of the US imperialists, irrespective of differences in ideology and political views.

During the war, they used various kinds of chemical and germ weapons in the several regions of the DPRK, which claimed thousands of hundreds of peaceful people. Such crimes have revealed the barbarity of the US imperialists in the whole world, who have been mad about manslaughter, neglecting even the basic demand of international laws.

The US imperialists have committed all kinds of crimes in south Korea occupied by them in the name of “protection”.

The number of peaceful inhabitants they killed in the period from summer in 1950 to summer in 1951 in south Korea are said to be over one million.

They desecrated as field mice the patriotic citizens of Kwangju city who rose up for independence and democracy in May, 1980 and encouraged military fascist scoundrels to turn the whole city into the bathroom of blood and the death city full of ghosts. Even they accepted the murderers in the throne of “president”, revealing their identity as the heinous strangler of democracy and the violator of human rights.

In June 2002, when schoolgirls aged 14 were run over by a US tank, the US soldiers enjoyed fireworks instead of expressing sincere mourning over their death. This case filled South Korea with wrath, revealing the true nature of the US army.

This is the true nature of the US imperialists reviewed through history and inhuman crimes against our people committed by the US imperialists, who are boasting themselves as “the apostle of peace”.

They have no just cause to argue about “human rights” and such barbarians cannot dare to say about the “improvement in the reality of human rights”.

In the 21st century, too, the barbarous nature of the US imperialists has remained unchanged as in the 18th century.

We can say that sovereignty is just human rights and vice versa. If you lose sovereignty, you cannot protect your human rights. This truth has definitely been proved by the peoples in Iraq and Afghanistan held by US, whose sovereignty and human rights have violently been infringed upon by the US army.

The south Korean authorities are those stupid who call the US imperialists “friendly state”, carrying them on their back. They cannot dare to make a fuss about so-called “human rights issue” in our country.

However hard they are making a fuss about “human rights”, there is nobody in our country to listen to them.

Our people have definitely experienced through real life that our socialist system is the best in the world and the road to the building of a thriving nation is bright.

The lessons drawn from the atrocities committed in Sinchon county and Susan-ri have taught us not to be deceived by the sweet words of the enemy and have shown the vivid truth that any illusion about the enemy might bring about tragic death.

The hostile forces against our Republic can know through the reality of our life that the single-hearted unity between the leader, Party and popular masses has been realized on the highest level in our country.

No matter how desperately the hostile forces headed by the US imperialists are crying out about “the human rights issue” in our country and are scheming for any “international cooperation”, we will remain unmoved as the entire people and servicemen have rallied firmly behind the Workers’ Party of Korea, thoroughly armed with anti-imperialist class consciousness.

Even after thousands of hundreds of years have gone by, the enemies must not dream a silly dream expecting any change and crack among our people. Confronted with our single-hearted unity and our inexhaustible might of our revolutionary armed forces, “the international cooperation” of rabbles are doomed to be shattered to pieces.

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