Anachronistic Ambition for Reinvasion Must Be Abandoned

By Ra Guk Chol, Researcher of the Institute for Studies of Japan
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

After launching a new-type escort ship “Mogami” on March 3, Japan successively commissioned the sonar ship “Aki” the next day, and it openly announced a new plan to commission escort ships, minesweepers, submarines within March.

As for the escort ship “Mogami” which was newly launched as the latest model, it is versatile in its use for anti-submarine, anti-air, anti-mine battles, etc. It has a standard displacement of 3,900 tons, is 133-meter long, and its building costs amount to US$1 billion.

Japan did not hesitate to announce a plan to build 22 warships like this in the future.

The Japanese military expenses this year reach about US$51.7billion, the largest ever in its history.

Then why Japan is so much engrossed in its military build-up investing such a magnitude of military expenses?

If I draw myself to the conclusion first, it is continuity of its unchanged lunacy for reinvasion harboured by the militarist maniacs who try to revise the “peace constitution” left in its name only and realize their old mirage of “Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.”

It is not without reason that foreign media and military experts are commenting, as a case in point, that marine “Self-Defence Forces” are becoming very much like the navy of the Imperial Japanese Army.

In retrospect, Japan went the length of casting aside what it used to trumpet a principle of “total defence” and paved the way for exercising the “right to collective self-defence”. At present, it openly said that it would possess “capability of pre-emptive attack” under the pretext of threats posed by neighbouring countries. In the meantime, it persists in seeking military hegemony on the worldwide scale, not to mention in Asia.

What stands as a serious threat to the peace and stability in the region is the military build-up of Japan, war criminal state, which has clearly revealed its ambition to hold the sway over the region, instead of liquidating the unprecedented crime it had committed against the Asian peoples in the last century.

Japan must give up its anachronistic ambition for reinvasion.

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