Patriotic General Choe Yong

During the Koryo Dynasty which existed between 918 and 1392, the country was powerful and the culture developed and thus the dignity of the Korean nation was demonstrated all over the world. On the other hand, a lot of wars against foreign aggressors had to be fought in those years.

Choe Yong was a patriotic general who performed great feats in repulsing the foreign enemy at that time.

Having long held the military command of the country, he took various measures to defend the country from foreign invasion. In order to keep the aggressors from their pillage he built one hundred and tens of big warships. In this way he exerted himself to strengthen the defense capability of the country.

He also displayed courage in many battles. He is said to have never been defeated in more than 100 battles against the foreign enemy in his lifetime between 1316 and 1388.

Researcher Cha Kwang Hyok at the History Institute of the Academy of Social Sciences says:

“Choe Yong took part in big and small battles against the foreign aggressors. He didn’t leave the battlefields until he grew grey. The Hongsan Battle can be taken as an example. In the battle a flying arrow went home into his lips, but he commanded the battle to the last. So the enemy are said to have lacked courage to attack when he showed up. Choe Yong won fame as a veteran and patriotic general in the battles to defend the country from the foreign aggressors and he is still widely known to our people.”

In 1388 he was killed by the betrayal of a traitor with a wicked ambition to usurp power.

Contemporary people grieved over his death because he was a patriotic general who performed feats in defending the country from foreign invasion.

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