Mt Chilbo in Winter

Mt Chilbo, one of the six celebrated mountains in Korea, presents distinctive scenery during the Winter season.

Mt Chilbo, which occupies several hundred square kilometres in area, encompassing Myongchon, Hwadae, Myonggan and Orang counties in North Hamgyong Province, and unfolds a myriad of fantastic views of Inner Chilbo, Outer Chilbo and Sea Chilbo set off by majestic yet mysterious and beautiful peaks, valleys and coasts, has been called by different names according to seasons. And it is called Solbaeksan (snow-white mountain) in winter.

The Sungson Rock, which carries a legend that fairies flew to Heaven from the rock, commands a bird’s eye-view of the east and northwest of the Kumganggol. In winter snow-covered rocks of various shapes offer wonderful views. Also marvellous are scenic spots in Inner Chilbo, such as Mansa, Chonbul and Jonggak peaks and a monkey-shaped rock, as well as mountain ranges of Outer Chilbo looking like a white folding screen.

The Taemo Rock, looking like a woman carrying a baby piggyback and a big bundle on her head, has a cap of snow on top of it.

The snowy Mujigae (rainbow-shaped) Rock standing with one of its feet anchored on a mountain slope and the other in the sea adds a marvel to the famous scenery of Sea Chilbo, quite distinct from its summer view.

Not only them, but snow-covered pines rooted on top and in the cracks of the rocks of odd shapes and in the middle of steep cliffs enhance the winter scenery of Mt Chilbo, called Mt Kumgang in North Hamgyong Province.

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