To Add Glory to the Homeland of Taekwon-Do

A Taekwon-Do training hall was built in Sariwon, North Hwanghae Province, in November last year.

It consists of training grounds, rooms for physical training, relaxation and sports information, sci-tech learning space and others, providing favourable conditions for the North Hwanghae Provincial Taekwon-Do Club to disseminate and develop Taekwon-Do, the traditional martial art of Korea.

The provincial club is known across the country for producing excellent Taekwon-Do players.

Everybody in the club, including officials, coaches and players, is full of enthusiasm to add more glory to the honour of the birthplace of Taekwon-Do.

In order to prepare players in terms of physique, technique and tactics, the club puts special emphasis on training in basic techniques and encourages players to compete with each other to attain physical and technical indices.

Coaches set it as the major task of technical development to acquire high speed, strong striking power, accurate movements and perseverance and devote all their wisdom and enthusiasm to education and guidance in training.

By working out detailed plans as suited to the ages and psychological features of the players and attaching great importance to make them have a correct understanding of the principles of Taekwon-Do, they train players to execute every movement with accuracy.

Players also strive hard to perfect their techniques, setting themselves high goals and overcoming physical exhaustion, and thus achieve successes in training.

The club makes steady efforts to train promising reserves.

It has so far produced a lot of Taekwon-Do players honoured with national and international awards. Among them is Ha Kum Gang who won gold medal at the 21st World Taekwon-Do Championship two years ago.

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