‘Oksoe Defeats a Devil’ Wows Cartoon Fans

“Cartoon Oksoe Defeats a Devil is now in greatest demand among the ‘Mokran’ multimedia for smart phones. Four months have passed since it was brought out, and it is still growing in popularity,” said Kim Pom, staffer at the Samhung IT Exchange Centre.

The Korean April 26 Animation Studio made the cartoon by applying a 3-D animation program.

The studio already unveiled several 3-D cartoons including Awangnyo Finds out Fire for Kindling.

“The 3-D cartoon software can ensure flexible and realistic portrayal and truthful expression, but the application of it requires a great deal of efforts and time. Such programs are constantly updated worldwide and the success of an animation rests on how efficiently its producers use the apps in cartoon making ahead of others,” said director Kim Jin Hyok.

The producers of the studio enhanced the softness of hair of characters, the real sense of their motions and the vividness of their costumes by using an advanced 3-D program with hair and dress simulation apps.

They also fractionated and concretized characterization according to each process so as to maximize the level of representation of such elements as water, fire and smoke for special effects, thus presenting delicate and lifelike pictures.

“The speech of each part is also very important in making cartoons a success. Mok Kum Song, who is well-known to the people for his outstanding speech, gave full play to his prodigious talent as he spoke the part of hero Oksoe,” said section chief Ri Un Ju.

The producers introduced a 5.1 stereo system for the first time into Oksoe Defeats a Devil, thus boosting the level of presentation of cartoon.

As part of the efforts to produce 3-D cartoons, the studio recently brought forth Parts 28-34 of historical animation Ko Ju Mong.

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