Little Poet

Usually, six-year-old children make up to their mothers. At the very age, however, a child has jumped into the wide and deep sea of literature.

He is Choe Ryong Un at Janggyong Kindergarten No. 2 in Sosong District of the capital Pyongyang.

His mother Pak Hyang Mi says:

“I remember it happened when my son was one year old. When letters were displayed on TV screen, he pointed at the Korean letter ‘a’ with his hand, reading it. I thought he started to know letters. So I bought him illustrated books and read them with him. In the course, he memorized the Korean letters wholly without separating the consonants and vowels. At the age of 3, he came to know all the Korean letters.”

Choe Ryong Un was unusually sensitive to life. He was very fond of reading books and writing a diary and composition.

Teacher Kim Sun Im actively developed his good habits.

She says:

“As he was very fond of writing poems, we let him versify what he learned and write a diary in verse. And we made him recite good children’s songs or poems, so that he could have unusual love for poems. Reciting poems he wrote in front of his classmates, he could have the confidence that he can become a famous poet in the future.”

Education for Choe Ryong Un is said to have become a matter of concern of the kindergarten.

After all, he could acquire the knack of reflecting his inspiration on poems. He wrote poems boasting that he was provided with Haebaragi-trademarked school things and Mindulle notebooks and that he got many red stars as he was good at school.

In November Juche 109 (2020) he presented the respected father Kim Jong Un with the collection of songs and poems he wrote.

The six-year-old poet Choe Ryong Un is fully developing his talents day by day.

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