DPRK Women Contributing to National Prosperity

In the DPRK, the women are respected as the flower of families and society while leading a worthwhile life.

It is after President Kim Il Sung achieved the historic cause of national liberation (August 15, 1945) from Japan’s colonial rule that a radical turn was brought in the position and destiny of the Korean women, who had been subject to the discriminative treatment in family and social life, suffering from absence of rights and contempt.

In the DPRK where the sex equality is regulated by law and traits of giving priority to and respecting the women is established, our women have contributed to the prosperity of the country, enjoying all sorts of independent rights to the full.

Recorded in the history of the country are the feats of the women heroes, who contributed to defending the sovereignty of the country and developing it during the Fatherland Liberation War (1950-1953) by inheriting the noble spirit of the anti-Japanese women fighters who dedicated their youth and lives to the national liberation, and of the women labor innovators in the periods of the postwar reconstruction and socialist construction.

Many women have been active as deputies to power bodies at all levels and senior officials of party and government organs and social organizations and have grown to be professors, doctors, People’s Athletes and People’s Artistes, displaying their dignity as the masters of the country.

They have covered the road of patriotic devotion, giving priority to the state affairs before the housework. Among them are women who were awarded the title of Labor Hero for having given birth to lots of children and having voluntarily taken warm care of orphans and who have devoted their all to assisting the army, the greatest patriotic work.

It is a high pride of our people to have a large contingent of women who have fulfilled their moral obligation and responsibility before their families and society, contributing to the dynamic advance of the state.

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