Useful Photovoltaic Power Plants

Recently many institutions, enterprises and residential districts in the capital city Pyongyang have introduced a solar light-generating system.

Researcher Ri In Su at the Academy of Agricultural Science says:

“Many units are producing electricity by themselves, giving a help to the country. We have also established a systemic parallel inversion system to put the surplus power into the state system. It serves two ends.”

The academy uses the computers and equipment for experiment and analysis necessary for researches with the electricity produced by the solar light-generating system.

The Thaesong New Technology Exchange Centre is also using the solar energy to conduct its business activities and regulate its indoor temperature.

The centre needs a lot of electricity. But it is benefiting from the solar light-generating system it has established by its own efforts without relying on the state power.

Those in Phyongchon and Tongdaewon Districts have built photovoltaic power plants in suitable places after making a scientific calculation of sunshine and plottage to meet the demand for electricity.

Senior Engineer Rim Yong Nam at the Tongdaewon District Power Distribution Station says:

“The photovoltaic power plant has many good points. We are going to increase the power production by natural energy in the future, too, in hearty response to the decisions of the Eighth Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea.”

Many units are making an active use of the solar energy and gaining substantial benefits from it.

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