Profitable Organic Compound Fertilizer Production

Positively encouraging the organic farming method is an important work guaranteeing the great harvest of crops in the Democratic People’s Republic Korea. So every farm across the country is actively introducing the organic farming method.

One of the important matters in doing organic farming is to produce a lot of organic fertilizers and apply them to the paddy and non-paddy fields to raise the fertility.

The Pothonggang Organic Compound Fertilizer Factory in Pyongyang City has the material and technical foundations for a conveyer system of mass-producing organic compound fertilizer.

The factory uses the sludge of the River Pothong as the basic raw material to produce good-quality organic compound fertilizer and different kinds of plant growth stimulants and bio-agrochemicals.

The efficacy of the produced fertilizers has been proved through the farming experiences in recent years and the output of the fertilizers is increasing year after year.

The central target in the agricultural field in the new five-year plan presented at the Eighth Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea is to unfailingly attain the goal of grain production the Party has already set and to consolidate the material and technical foundations for sustained development of agriculture.

There are organic compound fertilizer factories everywhere in the DPRK and the fertilizers produced there are playing a big role in the agricultural production.

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