Manager with Doctor’s Degree

Forty-seven years ago Ri Kun Il graduated from a college and began his career as a worker of the Pyongyang Condiments Factory. He led a workteam and a workshop before being promoted to chief engineer and then manager in 2004.

He is now recognized as an authority on fermentology and a man with rich experience in field work, and obtained a doctor’s degree.

Over the past decades Ri changed greatly in appearance, but little in his intense scholarly ardour, creativity and tenacity.

After he became the manager, Ri initiated a project to remodel and upgrade several production lines and facilities and put forward the proposal for manufacturing some high-tech equipment by the factory itself, surprising everyone.

Though, he pushed ahead with the project, thus technically reconstructing the production lines of soy sauce, bean paste, edible oil, fermented soybean and other condiments and setting up a new line of vitamin E production, the first of its kind in the country.

When proposing the reconstruction project, Ri aimed to incomparably improve the abilities of the technical staff, and, more than that, convince even ordinary workers of the importance of science and technology, and he achieved it.

A sci-tech learning space was set up in the factory, and many workers, mainly young people, were involved in the distance learning system to complete higher education courses.

At present, one among its five employees has obtained a diploma, and the number of academic degree holders is on the steady increase.

Ri Kun Il, PhD and deputy to the Supreme People’s Assembly of the DPRK, is an idol of the factory employees.

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