Definition of Patriot

Everybody talks about patriotism. But patriotism should be displayed in practice.

On May 28, Juche 104 (2015) the respected Kim Jong Un visited a general tree nursery under construction.

The tree nursery was being built into a base for sapling production which can produce a lot of saplings needed for afforestation. It consisted of zones for cultivation, seeding, seed-gathering and acclimation, round cutting bed and greenhouses.

Feasting his eyes on the full view of the tree nursery, Kim Jong Un praised that it was being built into a good general tree nursery capable of putting the sapling production on a scientific, industrial and intensive footing.

He said the duty of the general tree nursery is very important in turning the whole country into forest and garden, and stressed the need to build up the tree nursery better on a modern basis as a precondition and arsenal for the forest restoration campaign. And he emphasized that the forest restoration campaign is not the work of getting benefits only in one or two years but a worthwhile work for the posterity and for the future of the country.

That day, he said we should make great and sincere efforts to plant saplings and grow them to be big trees. He added that those who devote their sweat and passion to taking care of the mountains and fields and feel their pride in doing so are true patriots. It is the definition of a patriot.

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