Popular Lighting Appliances

These days, the Pyongyang Lighting Appliances Factory is increasing the production of lighting appliances of various sizes such as round ceiling lights, headlights for vehicles and germicidal lamps.

Chief Engineer Pak Sang Ho says:

“The factory is producing various kinds of lighting goods for mass transportation means like the new-type underground electric cars, trolley buses and tram cars, all sorts of lighting appliances to be used in the field of the economy and other goods available at home by dint of science and technology.”

Unlike the previous one, the round ceiling light is not decolorized and its serviceable life is long.

The round ceiling light is diverse in size. Installing it at home or in offices, it is brighter and better-looking than the general LED light.

The headlights for vehicles consist of front glass, reflector and lens. It is popular among drivers.

The germicidal lamp made with quartz glass tube has much higher transmission factor and strong ultraviolet wavelength. So it has germicidal effect 1.5 times greater than the previous one.

According to the results of check at anti-epidemic units, the germicidal lamp produced at the factory can kill the most of pathogens.

Chief Engineer Pak Sang Ho says:

“We are speeding up the preparation for producing the quartz glass tubes by ourselves at the final stage with the self-reliance and self-sufficiency as our life in order to carry out the tasks outlined in the Eighth Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea.”

Various sizes of lighting appliances produced at the factory are winning popularity among the users for their great practicality.

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