Inspiring Masses to Implementation of Decisions Made at Party Congress

North Phyongan Province carries on a dynamic political work to encourage the masses to carry out another five-year plan advanced at the Party Congress.

The information department of the provincial Party Committee arranges for a squad for agitation for increased production in detail to be organized with ideological workers and for its members to conduct agitational activities for increased production at places of work and thus rouse them all to action spiritually.

The province works according to its detailed plan to actively popularize good experiences in all its areas and improve the political ability of its ideological workers. The result is that the practical effect of their agitprop activities is heightened further.

North Hamgyong Province, too, vigorously conducts frontline agitation for increased production.

The artistes of its provincial art troupe and art propaganda squad go among the masses and conduct diversified agitational activities so as to spur them to perform miracles and exploits in their work.

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