Gold Medal and Sportswomen

Every year the Korean women celebrate March 8, the International Women’s Day, with delight. Among them are reliable sportswomen.

In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea women fully develop their talents and hope like men in the sports field, too, as in other fields.

They include Pak Yong Sun, Twice World Table-Tennis Champion; Jong Song Ok, World Queen of Marathon; Kye Sun Hui, Quadruple World Judo Champion; Ri Jong Hyang and Yun Kum Ju, Twice World Boxing Champions; and Rim Jong Sim who won two Olympic gold medals in weightlifting. The successes made by them struck the world people with admiration.

Besides, women footballers including Ri Kum Suk, Hong Myong Gum, Ho Un Byol and Ri Hyang Sim caused a great sensation in the world football circles, which greatly encouraged the sports development of the country.

An Kum Ae, Hong Un Jong, Ri Song Hui, Kim Jong, Kim Kum Ok and many other sportswomen won gold medals in the Olympic Games and in different events of the World and Asian Championships, flying the DPRK flag high in the blue sky.

The state awarded them the titles of Hero of the DPRK, Labor Hero, People’s Athlete and Merited Athlete.

They are a pride of the country and nation.

The sportswomen are enjoying the happiest life, evoking the envy of all people. To them, the gold medal was a product of reward to the motherland that brought them up, before any wealth or honour.

People’s Athlete Kim Kwang Suk, Coach of the Pyongyang Sports Team, was known to the world gymnastic circles for the “Kim Kwang Suk Movement” she created. She says:

“When I won a gold medal at the 26th Gymnastics World Championships and fluttered our national flag in the United States, I couldn’t repress my tears with the pride of having contributed even a little to my motherland. Every athlete wants to win a gold medal. I think it is the greatest target of sportspeople to glorify the country with gold medal. I will train a greater number of good sportspeople demonstrating the honour of the country all over the world with gold medals to fulfil my responsibility.”

The Korean sportswomen are still training day and night to win gold medals and fly the blue and red flag of the DPRK in the sky of the world.

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