Beautiful Flowers in Bloom

Beautiful flower buds have burst as if to add cheerful spring mood at greenhouses of the Pyongyang Floriculture Institute.

“Our institute widely cultivates world-famous flower species after acclimatizing them to meet the ever-growing aesthetic demand of people,” said Ri Chol Jun, deputy director of the institute.

He added that 20-odd microtherm and mesotherm flower species bloomed in February.

Flowers growing in greenhouses of the institute include Cymbidium Manbokhwa, Cyclamen persicum, Kalanchoe blossfeldiana, Matthiola incan, and Cymbidium virescens which appear in winter and such seasonless flowers as Impatiens holstil, Viola wittrockiana, Begonia semperflorens and Gypsophila paniculata with ornamental value.

Cyclamen persicum with different flower colours, Cymbidium Manbokhwa with large flower blossoms in white, pink and red colours, Cymbidium virescens with different coloured flowers including white, yellow and light pink, and Gypsophila paniculata, which is claimed to produce ten thousand flowers on a pot, give peace and warmth for their freshness and beauty.

Especially Cymbidium Manbokhwa, a mesotherm flower, is highly resistant to low and high temperatures, can be easily cultivated in families and offices and produces 15-20 flowers on a stalk in the period between December and the following April.

“Flowers cultivated by our institute win popularity and are widely spread for their beauty,” said Kim Song Hui, researcher of the institute.

The flowers cultivated at the institute are used to decorate flower beds on streets and supplied to flower shops.

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