Power Stations along the Ryesong River

The Ryesong River, the longest one in North Hwanghae Province, underwent tremendous changes in its appearance and natural environment, thanks to the hydropower stations with high-rise dams and reservoirs built in the new century.

Though there are hardly any traces reminiscent of the construction projects left at present, the employees of the power stations, the then young builders, still vividly remember the days when they built them, braving the challenges of the nature.

The Ryesong River basin is comparatively rich in its annual precipitation, and mostly in the rainy season.

Every rainy season there were heavy rainfalls which caused the river to flood the cofferdams. However, nothing could discourage the builders who were determined to turn the river of misfortune into the one of happiness and fortune. They erected dams, dug out waterway tunnels, built buildings for generators and laid transmission lines over the mountains.

All the people in the province gave their sincere assistance to the construction projects.

Ryesonggang Youth Power Station No. 1, the first large-scale hydropower station in the province, was built in 2008, and Ryesonggang Youth Power Station No. 2 was completed two years later.

By 2018 several power stations were built along the river.

These power stations turned the river, which had vainly emptied into the West Sea of Korea for thousands of years, into the treasure river producing electric power necessary for the economic development of North Hwanghae Province, removed the source of flood damage along the river and contributed greatly to the agricultural development in the province.

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