New Vegetable Varieties Bred

The Pyongyang Vegetable Science Institute of the Academy of Agricultural Science has bred productive and nutritious vegetable varieties.

“Our institute has recently registered 10 functional vegetable varieties in eight crops with high edible and medicinal value as national agricultural crops,” said Jo Nam Sok, director of the institute.

Newly-bred yellow Spanish paprika is green when it is unripe and dark yellow when ripe. It can increase per-hectare yield by over 10 percent while reducing cultivation area as compared to the previous variety. It is very good for promoting digestion and blood circulation, treating frostbite, preventing and relieving obesity, strengthening cardiopulmonary functions and removing environment stress, while acting as anticancer material and invigorant.

According to researcher Kim Un Ju, the pepper is highly resistant to viral diseases.

The institute has brought out a dessert radish in simple variety that can be used as dessert for its high saccharine and watery contents. This radish looks like an apple, its skin is green, its surface is glossy and it has soft flesh. It can be taken raw in place of fruits, feels fresh for its chewy sense and improves digestive function. It can be cultivated outdoors by sowing seeds, and is highly resistant to viruses, scab and drought.

One Solanium lycopericium plant bears 10-12 tomatoes on average, or 16 at maximum in cluster. The fruit is 1.4 times greater in lycopene, antioxidant substance, as against ordinary tomato. Its per-hectare yield is 30 tons on average. It can be cultivated in spring and autumn and has good ornamental value as a commodity.

Besides, the institute bred a new variety of purple cabbage with rich nutritious ingredients and distinctive taste and aroma.

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