Metallurgical Base Seething with Enthusiasm for Increased Production

From the outset of this year, the first year of the new five-year plan for the national economic development, the Kim Chaek Iron and Steel Complex is seething with a high enthusiasm to bring about an upswing in production.

All its employees are full of determination to manifest the might of the metallurgical giant in dynamically propelling the overall economic development of the country.

The complex is concentrating considerable efforts on solving urgent problems arising in scientifically and technologically perfecting the Juche-based iron production system while making steady efforts to increase the output of iron and steel.

Officials, workers and technicians at the oxygen blast furnace workshop, who are fully aware of their responsibility in charge of the first process of the production, are boosting the molten iron production per charge by channelling continuous efforts into fixing the rational proportions of raw materials and fuel and putting the operation of the furnaces on a scientific footing.

Various technical innovation plans are actively introduced at the oxygen plant branch factory to normalize the operation of all the facilities even in winter and thus produce sufficient amounts of quality oxygen.

The steel workshop No. 2 and hot-rolling workshop are conducting a dynamic drive of technical innovation aimed at improving the operation methods of such facilities as oxygen converters and rolling mills, and those in charge of supplying raw and other materials are tapping internal potentials to make a contribution to increased production.

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