Farmers Enjoy a Happy Life

Last year witnessed people moving into new houses in Taechong-ri, Unpha County of North Hwanghae Province.

The village, which had been hit by natural disasters, was changed into a model village of the socialist countryside.

The houses for the farmers have all conditions for convenient and cultural life.

The farmers are living a happy life in the new houses with wide sunshiny rooms, kitchen, washroom, warehouse and animal shed.

When Taechong-ri was hit by flood, the respected Kim Jong Un had all the 800 houses rebuilt to turn the misfortune into blessing and evoke the envy of other villages.

On September 11, Juche 109 (2020) he called at the site of damage rehabilitation in Taechong-ri to look round the houses under construction.

That day he said it was right to have built the detached houses as required by farmers and guessed the height of ceiling in the room and that of vent.

The farmers living in the wonderful houses say in unison that they are enjoying a happy life under the loving care of Kim Jong Un who made his way through flood to visit Taechong-ri several times.

All the touching stories told by the farmers are an exclamation of cheers for the Workers’ Party of Korea, cheers for socialism and cheers for Kim Jong Un.

The plain voices of the farmers filled with their boundless thanks for him show the happiness and pride of the Korean people.

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