Patriotic Work for the Everlasting Prosperity of the Country

March 2 is the Arbor Day in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Spring is the most appropriate time for tree-planting either in view of the meteorological and climatic conditions or in view of the ecological demand of the plants.

It is a unanimous desire of the Korean people to plant more trees in the season and build up their villages as those buried in thick green woods.

So all of them are planting trees with patriotism.

On the occasion of the Arbor Day, tree-planting is brisk in all parts of the country.

In order to raise the rooting rate of the trees the Korean people choose right places to plant trees according to the climate and soil conditions of their regions and rationally distribute species of trees, looking far into the future.

They strictly abide by technical regulations in all processes such as pit-digging, manuring, planting, hardening and watering.

Tree-planting is done on the principle of the right tree on the right soil and the right tree in the right time. It is an important work for handing down the country thick with green woods to posterity, a patriotic work for the everlasting prosperity of the country.

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