Tree Nurseries Prove Effective

Tree nursery plays an important role in the afforestation.

Last year new tree nurseries were built in five provinces of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea including North Hwanghae and South Phyongan Provinces.

They are making a great contribution to the afforestation in those regions.

The South Phyongan Provincial Tree Nursery has the seed selection and sowing ground, plastic-panel greenhouse and outdoor adaptation field. It is producing more than ten million saplings of scores of kinds.

The North Hwanghae Provincial Tree Nursery produced more than six million saplings of over 20 kinds necessary for afforestation of the province last year. It has made good preparations for sapling production this year. It has shortened the date of substrate fermentation, increasing the productivity.

Cities and counties have built parent tree nurseries and on its basis, they are producing a lot of saplings.

In particular, many saplings needed for creating the forests of wild fruit trees are produced amid the active efforts to increase the variety of wild fruit trees and secure the sources of their species.

The parent tree nursery of the Taesong District Forestry Management Station in the capital city Pyongyang has automated the sapling production.

Amid the emulation drive to turn all mountains into golden and treasure mountains, the tree nurseries across the country are making an active contribution to the afforestation of the country.

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