Taesongsan Puts Focus on Winter Sports

The Taesongsan Sports Club is concentrating efforts on developing winter sports.

According to manager Kim Myong Gun, figure skating coaches and players of the sports club raised the scientific level of training between last December and the present to perfect the jumps with high levels of difficulty and make some young players surpass the records of senior players in the short-track speed skating events of national competitions and even come close to Asian records.

Ice hockey coaches are directing the focus of physical training toward improving agility and perseverance of players and intensifying the training in professional basic skills like skating, puck dribbling and passing and sudden shots in movement.

Meanwhile, speed skating coaches ensured scientific control of training by applying a cycling ergometer in the training for improving speed, strength and perseverance, while intensifying guidance over individual skill training.

Jon Kwang Ok, head of the training division of the club, said that all coaches set out ambitious plans for technical development of respective sporting events and hold discussions and exchange good experiences on a regular basis.

The sports club has developed computer programs for selecting players who have physical constitutions suitable to particular sports.

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