Highest Estimation

The Pyongyang Condiments Factory has a 75-year-long history.

The respected Kim Jong Un visited the rebuilt factory on June 7, Juche 102 (2013).

Looking at the full view of the factory, he pleasantly said the buildings are smart like a man wearing a stylish suit.

He was very pleased to see the clean environment of the factory. He highly appreciated that the Pyongyang Condiments Factory is a factory filled with patriotism.

While looking round the public service facilities, he said with great satisfaction that they had been built well and the workers would like them very much. Looking at a lawn in the compound of the factory, he said with pleasure that the turf had been cultivated very well and the lawn looks like a carpet.

That day, saying the factory had been built well like a rest home, he taught that it is a manifestation of patriotism to devote warm sweat and sincerity even to a blade of grass and a tree like the employees of the factory.

And he praised the Pyongyang Condiments Factory as a marvellous palace of workers, a factory befitting the era of the Workers’ Party and a factory filled with patriotism, before having a picture taken with its employees.

It was the highest estimation given to the officials and workers of the factory.

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