Concern Even for a Fancy Item

Korean women like the “cosmos” hairpins.

The jeweled hairpins, fancy items of women, are also associated with the warm love of the respected Kim Jong Un.

A few years ago, Kim Jong Un visited the Mirae Shop on the bank of the Pothong River in the capital city Pyongyang.

Looking round a number of counters, he turned his eyes to a counter with twinkling “cosmos” hairpins.

The counter was full of jeweled hairpins diverse in shape and color, so it looked like a flower bed with beautiful flowers in full bloom.

Looking at the counter with an air of satisfaction, Kim Jong Un said with great pleasure that those hairpins are favored by the women.

He also said the shop should learn about what types of hairpins our women prefer before ordering them to a factory and selling those hairpins favoured by them. It is important that the shops should often learn about what types of goods the customers prefer, he stressed.

While going round the State Industrial Art Exhibition Hall, he gave precious instructions on designing women’s hairpins by combining the practical and aesthetic aspects organically well.

Afterwards, he took measures to make good “cosmos” brooches along with the “cosmos” hairpins.

When he called at the Pyongyang Children’s Department Store, he looked round the “cosmos” hairpins-selling counter and was concerned to provide the children with fine jeweled hairpins. When he sent gifts to the children of the baby homes, orphanages, and primary and middle schools for orphans across the country, he ensured that “cosmos” hairpins for girls were included in them.

Surely, the Korean people are living in the bosom of Kim Jong Un who wants to provide the people with the best things in the world.

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