West Sea Barrage Habitat of Winter Birds

The West Sea Barrage habitat of winter birds is in the waters of the West Sea Barrage, covering one kilometre on both sides of the road from the Waudo Pleasure Ground in Nampho City to Ryongnam-ri.

The swamps, water pools and salt fields around this area are a good habitat of birds, so many birds are flying into this habitat. Growing here are many grass plants such as glasswort stock, sea blite, Suaeda japonica, reed and cattail. And acacia, pine and other tall trees are growing on low hills.

Living there are more than 90 kinds of water birds including sea gull and grebe. In summer great reed warblers, water hens, coots, water-cocks and other birds propagate and herons and other kinds of white herons inhabit there.

Flocks of ducks and swans of different breeds pass the winter here.

Besides, the habitat is the stopover of the wild geese, ospreys and snipes. It is the habitat of lots of seasonal birds including white-tailed sea eagles, silver wing-joint eagles and golden eagles.

The West Sea Barrage habitat of winter birds was registered as a bird reserve.

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