Tutor of International Concours Prize Winner

Choe Jang Hung, well-known as a world’s piano prodigy at the age of six, is studying at the Pyongyang Kim Won Gyun Conservatory after he left the Kyongsang Kindergarten.

His tutor Kim Jae Sil is also a graduate of the Kyongsang Kindergarten and she is now active as a piano teacher of the conservatory.

She’s been teaching him for almost 10 years.

(May 2017)

She took part in the Second Krainev Moscow International Piano Concours together with Choe Jang Hung for the first time in 2017.

In the concours Choe Jang Hung was awarded the special prize and Kim Jae Sil the best teacher prize.

Kim Jae Sil says:

“I took part in international games together with Choe Jang Hung several times. After seeing his performance, many people asked me ‘in which country I had studied’, ‘if there’s another teacher for him’ and ‘which famous professor had taught him so well as to show such bravura’. I answered I had never studied abroad but studied music in my country. Listening to me, they said: ‘If so, the musical education of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is on a considerably high level.’ ‘It was unimaginable.’ ‘Korea has such music prodigy as Choe Jang Hung, which suffices to prove the educational level of Korea.’ ‘I hope you fully display your ability on such international arena in the future, too.’

I will devote all my energy to bringing up more music prodigies like Choe Jang Hung by improving my qualifications constantly.”

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