Talented Musicians Turned Out

The Kyongsang Kindergarten in the capital city Pyongyang is a comprehensive centre for early musical education. It has turned out many talented musicians.

The state has provided the kindergarten with good educational conditions and environment.

It sent graduates of the Pyongyang Kim Won Gyun Conservatory to the kindergarten as teachers for basic musical education.

The kindergarten teaches the children with distinguished instinct and talents for music solid musical basis and the ABC of the instrumental performance.

Over the past 10 years it has trained tens of music prodigies including Choe Jang Hung, Han Su Ryo, Hong Su Ryon and Jo Mi Rae who struck the people with admiration on the international arena.

Many graduates who had been given early musical education in the kindergarten have grown to be national and international concours prize winners and conductors of national art organizations and are active in famous art organizations and art education field as able creators, instrumentalists and teachers.

Ri Kang Juk, Head of the Kyongsang Kindergarten, says:

“Whenever children of my kindergarten display the honour of the motherland on the international arena, I feel a pride of being an educator and have a firmer resolve to train a greater number of good music prodigies.”

The Kyongsang Kindergarten is promising in producing music prodigies.

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