Joint Meetings of Working People’s Organizations Held in DPRK

Joint meetings of the working people’s organizations took place in Pyongyang and all provinces of the DPRK to pledge to thoroughly implement the first year’s tasks of the 5-year plan set forth at the 8th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK).

Speakers at the joint meetings of the working people’s organizations called upon officials and members of working people’s organizations to implement the decisions made at the 2nd Plenary Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the WPK most brilliantly and most perfectly by glorifying the first year’s march of carrying out the decisions made at the Party Congress with proud innovations and progress in the indomitable revolutionary spirit and through the death-defying struggle.

They expressed their will to make a breakthrough for victory in this year’s struggle through new innovations, bold creations and constant advance under the banner of self-reliance and self-sufficiency, bearing deep in mind the main idea and spirit of the plenary meeting.

They stressed the need to strictly observe the anti-epidemic rules and consolidate anti-epidemic positions as firm as a rock, keeping firmly in mind that to ensure the flawlessness of the anti-epidemic work is the primary one of the important tasks for this year.

They called upon the young people to work miracles and perform feats in this year’s general offensive with confidence in new victory as befitting the sons and daughters of the Workers’ Party and the youths of Juche Korea who have grown up under the care of the Party.

The workers and members of the General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea should put production on a normal and active track in all fields of the economic construction, they said, and went on:

The members of the Union of Agricultural Workers of Korea should attain without fail this year’s goal of grain production which is of weighty significance in implementing the decisions made at the Party Congress by fulfilling their mission as the masters responsible for the granary of the country.

The members of the Socialist Women’s Union of Korea should turn the country into a socialist flower garden full of moral excellence and tender feelings by giving priority to state affairs before family affairs and giving full play to the virtue and traits of devoting themselves to the organizations, masses and comrades.

Speakers stressed the need to struggle against anti-socialism and non-socialism more strongly with full confidence in socialism and with a firm viewpoint that our ideology, culture and morality are the best.

Letters of pledge to the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un were adopted at the joint meetings.

Then followed demonstrations of the participants in the joint meetings.

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