Factory Runs Soilless Greenhouse on Rooftop

The Pyongyang Dental Hygiene Supplies Factory in Songyo District, Pyongyang, has been successful in vegetable farming at a soilless greenhouse.

“We didn’t select the site for the greenhouse on the ground but built it on the roof of the production building,” said Ri Chun Hwa who is in charge of the greenhouse.

The greenhouse employees grow different species of vegetables by making rational use of the limited space.

At the centre of the soilless greenhouse, there are some shelves in several tiers which provide the conditions suitable for the growth characteristics of various kinds of vegetables. Arranged along each wall in multiple layers are the pipes that are used for hydroponic cultivation. In addition, it has some growth promoting lamps that maintain a favourable environment for the growth of vegetables.

“Our greenhouse is not a big one, but as we use every unit area in a rational way, we produce a variety of vegetables like tomato, red pepper, lettuce and crown daisy,” said Choe Hak Chol, worker at the greenhouse.

What is distinctive about their greenhouse is that it has several tanks on the floor for breeding catfish, Ryongjong fish and tilapia.

According to the workers, the power-free heating pipes installed inside the tanks ensure an appropriate temperature for both the fish tanks and the greenhouse. Therefore, the indoor temperature is always maintained at over 15 degrees centigrade even in winter.

They also grow some nutritious mushrooms in the greenhouse.

Equipped with a general control system, it is run by just three workers.

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