Coal Producer Plays a Part in Boosting the Industry

The Sunchon Area Youth Coal-mining Complex takes the lion’s share in coal production of the country.

Organized in September 1977, the complex has developed into a large-scale coal producer with three large-capacity coal mines, two prospecting corps and several supply units including coal-mining machine and equipment parts factories.

Its affiliated coal mines including the February 8 Jiktong, Chonsong and Ryongdae youth coal mines have overfulfilled their production plans every year.

In the past decades, the complex created lots of coalfields and has recently developed over hundreds of thousands of tons of capacity new coal pits in the two coal-mining areas.

It also increased the tunnelling speed by introducing an advanced blasting method as required by rock conditions and positively invented advanced coal-mining methods including the hewing method based on prop bundles and horizontal coal-mining method.

The coal mines propped up over hundreds of thousands of metres of main pits.

All the coal mines introduced conveyor belts for coal transport and laid cableways in the pits where conveyor belts cannot be applied.

General coal production control rooms established an image-based production command and real-time coal output grasp system and computerized the designing of coal-mining process to expand production on a scientific footing.

The complex built a concrete prop factory in the Sunchon area to satisfy the need for concrete props for pits, while the Sunchon Coal-mining Machine Factory and Unsan coal-mining equipment parts factory produce thousands of pieces of equipment and hundreds of thousands of pieces of small tools and parts.

All the coal mines furnished themselves with the bases to repair and maintain such coal-mining equipment as compressor and motor by their own efforts.

And they built livestock farming bases with an annual capacity of hundreds of tons and supply service bases to provide coal miners with rich material and cultural living conditions.

The complex, which produced many winners of official commendations including dozens of labour heroes and merited coal miners, completed its production plan for January this year before the time set.

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